Who Am I

My name is Alex Pilafian (linkedin, github, npm). I’m 32 years old, and I’m a computer programmer. I’m from the United States and I live in Spain. I speak English and Spanish.

I’ve been working in the field for just about 15 years. I quit my last job so that I could pursue my own engineering project. I’ve long felt that I wanted to be able to express myself more creatively within the frame of computer engineering, which is why I gravitated towards the gaming sector.

Being a child of the 1980s, I frequently feel nostalgia towards the golden era of videogames that was the 1990s. In the last 30 years while the gaming industry has grown up and money has begun to flow through it, I feel that we’ve lost much of the creativity which so marked the industry in its infancy; the very thing that made it special. No longer do major players aspire to create something truly new, instead choosing to rehash old ideas and take a “safer” route to ensure profits.

This is my one shot to try to do something different. Every so often, one of us sets down the road less traveled and reaps the rewards. The road is long and not without peril, but this is just the adventure I was hoping to find.

My promise to you is that I will always put creativity before profit, and I will always put the happiness and wellbeing of my team above all else. The strength of the games we put out will be a function of the strength of the team we build, and that team can only be as strong as its constituent parts.

Thomas Blair

My name is Thomas Blair (linkedin, github). I’m a 37 year old computer programmer. Originally from the United States, I now live in Spain. I speak English and some Spanish (improving all the time).

I’ve been programming for about 8 years now. I started my coding journey in game development, and the bulk of my experience lies therein. While I have worked in other areas, I continuously gravitate back towards the creative world of game programming.

I believe that great games are born of passion, creativity, and ambition. The main goal must be providing players with a truly unique, exhilarating, and immersive experience. Much like Alex, I have been disappointed to see the industry stray from these ideals in recent years.

I’m excited to embark on this adventure, perilous or no. We have the opportunity to build something great here.