RISE: Strategy Evolved

Filming: Phil Brown / Audio: Craig Pearson

Rise: Strategy Evolved is a massively multiplayer online (MMO) geopolitics strategy game. It consists of three core components

  • War: The game supports a free-movement Real-Time Strategy war engine. Anybody familiar with RTS mechanics will immediately be comfortable playing RISE. This will provide an unprecedented level of depth to the in-game military conflicts.
  • Economy: RISE supports a sophisticated world-scale macroeconomic simulation, something never before seen in the grand strategy genre. Players are able to participate in and influence realistic interconnected regional in-game markets, subject to price fluctuations reflective of what we see in the real world.
  • Politics: A large part of RISE deals with politics and diplomacy. The player has to carefully conform to regional political beliefs in order to maintain power, as well as being able to influence and slowly change those beliefs through skillful management of their domestic situation.

In RISE: Strategy Evolved, the player must carefully manage all three of these core components to rise through the ranks of global power. Eventually the player can put themselves in such a position to lead a nation and even conquer other nations so as to expand it's borders. Ultimately all nations in the game will find themselves competing against eachother to control more territory, until a definitive leader emerges from the chaos.

Through the game's mechanics RISE allows for interesting geopolitical fantasy scenarios. For example, RISE could see a successful communist revolution in the United States, or perhaps a successful democratic revolution in China. Players could de-throne the British Monarchy to form make a parliamentary republic, or perhaps reunite Ireland into a single nation. Players could even conspire for certain states to secede from the United states and form a new country, essentially re-enacting the US Civil War.

The possiblities within the simulation are endless; completely up to the players to invent for themselves.

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