Then there were two…

Mar 7th 2019

What’s up world! Thomas here, proudly announcing that I am the newest member of the WindFish programming team. I’ll be relocating from Barcelona to Tenerife on March 21st to start working with Alex on the wireframes and mockups for Hannover!

The interview process was tough but quite enjoyable. I love a good challenge! The code problems Alex hit me with were definitely not easy. I’m glad that I took some time to study and brush up on my algorithms beforehand. The problems are designed to test one’s understanding of the fundamentals of programming. An in depth knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and asymptotic analysis are a must!

Upon my hiring, Alex gave me access to the specs for Hannover. I can tell you all right now that thisgame is going to be epic in scope. We are talking about a level of detail and immersive gameplay that has never been seen before. It is truly going to be a grand strategy experience!

We are still looking for team members! If your interested in interviewing fill out the contact form on the website. More to come soon...